Rudy Adrian


FINALIST - "Best Ambient Album" - OWMR Music Awards


1   Coastlines

2   Clouds Over The Horizon

3   Mists From The Sea

4   Pebbled Beaches

5   Tussen De Monsters

6   Theme From Subantarctica

7   Message Of Dolphins

8   Languid River

9   Thursday's Legacy

10   Evenings On Pohara Beach

On his fifteenth album, Coastlines, ambient music virtuoso Rudy Adrian presents ten tracks of slowly transforming melodies, warm lush synthscapes and dreamlike atmospheres, capturing the wonders of the coastal landscapes that echo through the memories of his youth.

As a New Zealand native, Adrian is deeply familiar with expansive scenery. He has spent a lifetime surrounded by pristine natural spaces and breathtaking vistas which act as a wellspring of inspiration for his music. Coastlines is a natural extension of 2014’s Atmospheres, and finds Adrian continuing his sonic exploration through the vast beauty of his homeland.

“This music has a coastal theme,” explains Adrian. “It reminds me of holidays in my youth that were spent exploring New Zealand’s coastlines, and it brings to mind the beauty and stillness that can still be found in those places.”

Coastlines falls naturally into place alongside Adrian’s earlier textural offerings, and like those favorites, it is reminiscent of ambient works by Brian Eno, Robert Rich, Jonn Serrie and Time Being.

Channeled from the depths of Adrian’s past, the album’s heartfelt expressions of serenity ebb and flow with tidal surges of sonic poetry, washing fluidly over the listener to invoke true vistas of awe and magnificence.