Erik Wøllo

Celestia (ep)


1   Celestia, part 1

2   Celestia, part 2

3   Celestia, part 3

4   Celestia, part 4

Celestia is an electronic ambient mini-album of new music from the Norwegian master of innovative electronic soundscapes, Erik Wøllo. This mini-album is an instrumental atmospheric suite in 4 continuous parts; it’s one of the most ambient works from Wollo since the release of Silent Currents in 2011. The sound is a mix of slow, long sustaining zones drifting into sequenced rhythmical passages. The melodic elements are more distant and blended than past releases, with contrasting sections of eerie, blurred cluster-chords and dark floating background drones. The extensive use of a 1976 analogue synthesizer – the Arp Pro/DGX – makes this a unique sounding excursion into an unity of dynamic and beautiful soundscapes with a wide spectrum of colors in harmony. Celestia is an ethereal sonic experience: music with a highly cinematic and imaginative quality.