Numina / Zero Ohms

Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds


1   Secrets of the Treasure House of Stars

2   A Day Without Time

3   Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds

4   Night of the Falling Planets

5   Of an Uncertain Mythos

Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds finds veteran ambient electronic sound explorers Numina (Jesse Sola) and Zero Ohms (Richard Roberts) joining forces for the first time to embark upon a vast new deep sonic voyage through a solid hour of time-shifting, free floating, pure ambient spacemusic.

Fueled by Numina’s rich synthscapes and the dreamlike wind-instrument textures of Zero Ohms, Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds looks to the heavens, setting the listener adrift upon a deep cosmic sea.  Billowing textures, serene and occasionally foreboding passages, and abstract washes of full spectrum sound set the stage for a mesmerizing voyage through the awe-inspiring wonder, beautiful isolation, and staggering immensity of infinite interstellar vistas.

Furthermore, these two skilled sound sculptors successfully manage to go the extra distance, turning the focus inside-out to highlight the inner space of the mind in a surprise twist ending that gently releases the listener at a profound and unexpected destination.

Leading this tranquil trek through the heart of the universe and the mind, Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds is true spacemusic in every sense of the genre; soundscapes, simultaneously intimate and interstellar, that expand the boundaries of imagination.