Jon Jenkins

Beyond City Light Editor's Top Ten Best of Year Pick


1   The Calling

2   Zzyzx Road

3   Through City Light

4   Secrets of the Virgin

5   Legacy

6   Deep Sleep and Dying Embers

7   The Source

8   Sky of Surrender

9   Through Different Eyes

10   Forever

Immersed in mysterious ambience, and alive with compelling energy and powerful grooves, BEYOND CITY LIGHT is the follow-up to Jon Jenkins‘ landmark release, FLOW (a Billboard Magazine Critics Choice). Joined by a host of guests, including Erik Wøllo, David Helpling, and Greg Klamt, among others, Jenkins embarks on a sonic sojourn through sparkling city lights and beyond. Floating on deep rivers of textural ambience, piano tonalities, guitar textures, atmospheric loops, percussion, and ethereal vocalizations, journey through vast and scenic spaces, to a realm of deep sleep and dying embers.