Deborah Martin / Erik Wøllo

Between Worlds

Finalist - ZMR Music Award - Best Ambient Album


1   Between Worlds

2   Spirit Song

3   Anasazi

4   The Thunder and the Water

5   Ancestral Whispers

6   Canyonland

7   A Healing Way

8   Gathering at Sunrise

9   Distant Voices

10   From Earth to the Sky

11   Sunrise at Whiteriver

12   Winds of Time

Between Worlds is a dynamic and daring collaboration between widely respected ambient electronic recording artists Deborah Martin and Erik Wøllo. This album is a profound experience that delivers from the first track to the last, teleporting the listener to a place, or more succinctly, a ceremonial space; honoring and invoking the spirit of the American Indian.

Deborah shares some insight into the essence of the work, “The American Indian believes there are two worlds – the world of spirit and the world of form. Creating a bridge between the two worlds are ritual, healing and magic. The music process presented here was created to represent with sound this bridge between the worlds.” Wollo adds, “It is important to hear the voices of the past and how they lived in tune with the rhythm and spirit of the earth. With Between Worlds, we delved deeply into the experience, capturing the feeling of this American Indian heritage with sounds and compositions.”

On site location recordings, authentic American Indian instruments, and sonic soundspaces by contributing artist Steve Roach, augment these beautifully composed vignettes, delicately and respectfully illuminating life, Between Worlds.