Craig Padilla

Below The Mountain

WINNER - ZMR Music Award - "Best Electronic Album of the Year"
Finalist - ZMR Music Award - Best Ambient Album


1   Currents

2   Woven Planet

3   Wandering Thought

4   Endless Road

5   Windspell

6   First Light

7   Alturas

Craig Padilla, the acclaimed electronic music veteran, is better than ever with Below The Mountain, a deep-space analog synth sequencer work. Inspired by the landscape and surroundings of Mt. Shasta near his home in Northern California, Padilla masterfully guides the listener through sweeping sonic vistas of electronic soundscapes, and across a boundless rolling terrain of pulsing sequencer motifs. Below the Mountain is a textural electronic evolutionary sound journey that delivers a contemplative, ambient, deep listening music experience in the tradition of Tangerine Dream, Steve Roach, and early Klaus Schulze.