Rudy Adrian



1   Apple Tree Bay

2   Atmospheres

3   Willow Bank

4   Blue Horizon

5   Through A Cave Into Another World

6   Amber Skies

7   Beyond The Silver River

8   The Temple On An Island

9   Dreams Of SUBAntarctica

Ambient electronic composer and recording artist Rudy Adrian is no stranger to vast landscapes. His homeland of New Zealand is filled with a stunning variety of unspoiled spaces and cinematic terrain, providing an abundance of inspiration for Atmospheres, his latest textural electronic impression.

On Atmospheres, his first new offering since 2010’s Distant Stars, Rudy Adrian presents nine tracks of slowly evolving melodies, harmonically rich synthscapes, natural ambiences and dramatic percussive punctuations that evoke the otherworldly treasures and solemn meditations of the wondrous, haunting place that so deeply inspires him.

Rudy first explored these landscapes as a young boy, hiking and kayaking with his father, to whom the album is dedicated. “I created the music on this album in an attempt to evoke the quiet open space that can still be found in the south of New Zealand,” Rudy explains. “For me it captures the feelings of exploring coastal landscapes or watching sunsets fade into dusk.”

A natural progression from Adrian’s earlier textural releases such as Desert Realms and MoonWater, this new offering is reminiscent of ambient works by Brian Eno, Steve Roach, Mark Isham and Between Interval. Beautifully tranquil and mysteriously captivating, Atmospheres dwells in the landscape of expansiveness and introspection; inspired space music that is rich with personal appreciation, vast beauty and awe.