About Analog Destination


1   Analog Destination

2   Stellar Nursery

3   Live Illusions

4   Quantum Swirl

Analog Destination by Craig Padilla and Skip Murphy is a full force analog synth & sequencer assault! Well, not quite everything is analog, they also use digital sounds, but the overall atmosphere on Analog Destination, as was the case with their previous album, Phantasma, sees their classic electronic approach take it’s most unbridled form to date. This is pure space rock, minus the guitars, that delivers a powerful combination of sequences, great solos, nice melodies, and alien spacey atmospheres that seem strangely familiar.

This album is a scorcher with our “Northern California-School Style!” The energetic sequencer patterns take center stage with energizing melody lines soaring high overhead in a rich field of live electronic sound!
– Craig & Skip, 2008