All The Time


1   All Directions (Brainshaped Universe)

2   Spheres (Part 2)

3   Everything is Happening at the Same Time, All the Time

4   Only Matter

5   VY Canis Majoris

6   Long Far Distant

7   Cosmic Ocean

8   Merging of Substances

9   Outside this World

10   Transexistential Perspectives

In an endless universe, the boundaries of time and space do not exist. Infinitely small and immeasurably vast are one in the same; and everything is happening at the same time, all the time. These are the thoughts that constantly run through the mind of Transylvania-based soundscape artist Oliver Dombi, whose cyber-space ambient music project, Csillagköd, expresses these concepts through a combination of music and soundcurrents that are steeped in wonder and curiosity on his second project for the Spotted Peccary label, ALL THE TIME.

Deep and mysterious, the soundscapes of ALL THE TIME are built upon solitary and sweeping expanses. Dombi’s skill with synthesizers and programming provides a fresh and otherworldly palette for the discerning electronic music listener. In true ambient form, it flows and spirals deep into minimal melodic textures and electronic ambiences, guiding the listener on a tour of cavernous spaces, from the imperceptibly small, to the long far distant beyond.

Oftentimes still and reflective, and occasionally propelled by a pulse or simple beat, ALL THE TIME is deep ambient listening; a soundtrack to outer-world voyages for inner-mind travelers.