Bart Hawkins

21 Pulse Eclipse


1   Dream Meditation

2   21 Pulse Eclipse

3   Your Breath Is Electric

4   Energy Currents

5   Torus Energy Currents

6   Bell Curve Blips

7   Crazy 8 Frobogs Throuping Through The Seven Forests

8   Dream Meditation Part 2

Celebrating the fundamental energy currents that are the building blocks of all electronic music, Bart Hawkins’ debut release 21 Pulse Eclipse is a bold and provocative album that takes a deep dive into the distinctive world of modular synthesis and pure electronic sound-shaping.

This album of abstract electronics offers eight meditations that explore the countless possibilities of raw soundforms and the imaginative ways of voicing them. Using only patch cables, oscillators, and a host of modular sound shaping devices, Hawkins guides the myriad machines with skill and purpose, molding the unrestrained sonic energy into mind-bending journeys of creative expression. Sweeping tones and harmonic drones set moods that range from peaceful and dreamlike to edgy and bleak, while occasional chirps, squelches, and pulsing patterns call to mind transmissions from distant alien worlds or the soundtrack to a sci-fi classic.

Other than some tape loop techniques and a few natural recorded sounds, Hawkins created the album entirely on a modular synthesizer system using no keyboards. “Modular synthesis is a unique art form, both from a creative process and a listening experience,” he explains, “and the resulting sounds are just so unique and loaded with personality.” It was Hawkins’ deep passion for the underlying sonic energy that provided inspiration for the album, where he envisioned an almost human-like essence within the core of his inorganic instruments, as if they might have a life of their own. “I wanted to capture the powerful, raw, undulating currents that create the life and breath of electronic music. For me, building these sonic personalities into a moving journey is like sculpting something that is infinite.”

Infinite, timeless, unrestrained, visionary; any number of words could be used to describe the enigmatic soundscapes of 21 Pulse Eclipse, as Bart Hawkins uses the power of sound to break the barriers of the finite experience, simultaneously reaching inward and outward to explore the currents of an ever-expanding electronic dream.