WIND JOURNEY: Special Remastered Edition

WIND JOURNEY: Special Remastered Edition

Remastered in 24-bit clarity from the original mixes, Erik Wøllo‘s out of print classic, Wind Journey, is now available as a special remastered edition download-only release.

This ninth solo album is a milestone release for Wøllo, representing a seminal moment in his recording career. Wøllo’s trademark strong themes and moody vignettes are at the core of the music while his songwriting skills ascend to a another level, showcasing for the first time a melodic maturity and dazzling dramatic intensity that lifts his music to stratospheric new heights.

A must-have album for all who love ambient electronic music, Wind Journey is an essential release from a pivotal point in Erik Wøllo’s musical career; and with a depth and clarity superior to the original version, this remastered edition sounds better than ever.


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