As many of us are exploring different ways to stay connected during an increasingly challenging time, we at Spotted Peccary feel strongly about reaching out a bit further. We often say, “Music Is Art,” but lately we’ve been thinking (and saying to others) that music is also “medicine.” So, we’ve come up with a new way (for us, at least) to connect with you in a way we hope is meaningful.

Introducing: TRANSMISSIONS – Real Time Live Listening Sessions

Join us on YouTube as we broadcast real-time community “listening sessions,” live and direct from Spotted Peccary, NE. We plan to feature themed programs, the occasional video feature and even some surprises, all while we connect directly with you – via live chat. Over the last 30+ years, we’ve compiled a deep collection of music in a variety of spaces, and we’re excited to share them with you all in a new way.

We’ll learn together as we go, and let the music decide the path forward. There won’t be a set schedule or format, but stay tuned for the latest and be sure and visit our YouTube channel and subscribe to find out when we go live.

We can’t wait to listen deeply with you – we hope you’ll join us here: