It’s December 22, and the Earth is still here. That means our last remaining excuse for not doing a new podcast has just bitten the dust.

There has been waaay too much music released since episode 37, so this will be a two-part series…

2012 In Review – Pt. 1

(0:00) Welcome, we’re back!
(0:48) “Falling Light” by Darshan Ambient
(6:00) “Looking Glass” by Northcore
(9:38) “Spirit Signs” by Craig Padilla
(17:48) “Jurassic Dawn” by Shane Morris & Mystified
(24:30) “Out To Sea” by Darshan Ambient
(28:30) “When The Earth Is Far Away” by Craig Padilla & Zerp Ohms
(33:00) “She Who Watches” by Paul Ellis
(52:33) Wrap Up (Music “Ladybird” by Northcore)
(55:20) “Sensual Beauty” by Craig Padilla