(Portland, OR) March 22, 2019 — The Fire Opal is a richly red-orange colored stone in Mexican folklore that is believed to have been created in the heavens, and imbued with mystical powers of healing and protection. Massergy’s expressive album, FIRE OPAL, seemingly transforms that myth into music, a sonic blending of his analog recordings and the great outdoors; the new album debuted today on renowned Portland, OR-based record label Spotted Peccary Music.

According to Massergy (aka Eric Jensen), this captivating new work was inspired by a Mexican ceremony called “Velada” – a psychedelic healing ritual performed by Mazatec Indian doctors and healers referred to as “curanderas.” The purpose of a Velada is to break the boundaries of our perception in order to commune with gods, spirits and divine beings, and reveal profound visions, to ultimately achieve healing and knowledge.

In an early review, music critic Jonathan Widran predicted, “You’ll find endless pleasure, relaxation and intellectual provocation soaking in the offbeat majesty of Fire Opal and discovering new ways to think and dream.”

Born in Chicago, and now based in Austin, Texas, Jensen is a self-taught composer of ambient soundscapes who creates, records and mixes music entirely outdoors in his open-aired studio located within a nature preserve using only analog hardware, including keyboards, and guitars. No sound edits or manipulations were made after the fact, leaving all the tracks on Fire Opal sounding exactly as they did the night they were originally born; embracing the imperfections and sound anomalies of this technique lends an authenticity to this mystical sound voyage.

“My ‘studio’ is a small elevated balcony in the middle of a nature preserve, essentially my backyard” Jensen explains. “The preserve is home to several coyotes, owls, deer and other creatures. Think 2 a.m. with a huge sky full of stars, eerie moonlight, and the sounds of strange creatures. I can see my own breath, there’s a light mist in the air, it’s very sleepy; that’s the kind of atmosphere where my magical moments often occur.”Wind and Wire’s Bill Binkelman, praised the new work, writing “Even by the lofty standards of the Spotted Peccary label, Massergy’s Fire Opal is something quite special. Massergy (Eric Jensen) has crafted a collection of soundscapes that manages the trick of being a cohesive music statement while also displaying the artist’s versatility in style, mood, tempo, and overall aesthetic… Jensen gently guides the listener through a sonic landscape that should beguile even the most jaded ambient fan. Fire Opal is not just a worthy addition to the Spotted Peccary catalog, but breaks new ground for the pioneering North American home of adventurous instrumental music.”

Fire Opal is available in both physical and digital formats, as well as 24-bit Audiophile format. Multiple formats for purchasing and listening can be found at

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