Portland, OR (June 2019) — Acclaimed Swedish electronica producer Johan Agebjörn’s highly-anticipated MOSSEBO Special Edition: Remastered + Bonus Tracks “Kyrie Elesion” and “Unhappy Love,” evokes human warmth in a wintry landscape. An ambient sci-fi forward motion sound with shimmering electro beats, expertly juxtaposing intimacy and isolation, to which you can both dance and dream. This remastered, digital-only edition is available now through

The Los Angeles Times’ August Brown called the original MOSSEBO “a more melancholy and ambient tone poem of an album,” and e/i Magazine wrote that it’s “like some brilliant bolt out of the blue, unexpected, surprising, ever-rejuvenating.” The collection of ambient pieces was composed between 2004 and 2007, and one additional track that was created in 1996; it is an album that is both electronic and organic at its core, with wordless vocals by Lisa Barra winding their way through many of Agebjörn’s dazzling synth compositions. Barra’s childhood journeys through India led her to an appreciation of the folk music of different cultures, and that passion comes through on these tracks to express an array of emotions that range from soothing to foreboding, to uplifting; challenging emotions to convey in the world of electronic music.

“In 2004-2005, I experienced a period of illness and unemployment, locating myself in a 19th century cottage in Sweden, called Mossebo. There, isolated in the countryside, I started composing, mainly acoustic piano music and electronic ambient music, influenced by the landscape around me.”

The angelic voice of Gothenburg-based vocalist Lisa Barra graces more than half of the tracks. Agebjörn heard her in 2003 at a performance for an animal rights event, and started to sample her sound for his ambient creations in 2004. “I sent her the results, and she liked what I did, so we started to record some new songs in a studio. We also performed the songs live at a concert in Linköping in 2005.” The performance was aired on regional TV.

There are two Bonus Tracks on the new Special Edition. “Kyrie Eleison” (“Lord Have Mercy”) with Barra’s ethereal vocals, and the bittersweet “Unhappy Love.” The new tracks add a spiritual dimension and a thoughtful romantic epilogue. Overall MOSSEBO has an expansive, techno-ambient, melancholic feeling, with a lush textural color range, expertly mixed, produced and mastered. A remarkable journey through electronic terrain.

This special edition of Johan Agebjörn‘s full length debut, MOSSEBO, includes the original album plus the two previously unreleased tracks from the era, all meticulously remastered in 24-bit clarity from the original mixes.

With more than 40 releases over the course of his prolific career, Padilla has become a driving force in the electronic music scene. His music is regularly heard on XM Satellite Radio and radio stations throughout the US, including the celebrated radio programs “Echoes” and “Hearts of Space.” This is Allen’s first foray into the world of ambient electronic music; he is an established Northern California based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, performer, and music educator.  

Toward The Horizon releases February 22, 2019 on Spotted Peccary Music in both physical and digital formats, as well as 24-bit Audiophile format.

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All artists’ proceeds from the album will go to humanitarian aid via UNHCR.

About Johan Agebjörn:
Johan Agebjörn lives in Lund, Sweden, where he studies psychology, makes music, and enjoys being a father. He makes music in a wide range of styles, including electro, house, solo piano, and has two main projects. One project is ambient music, not too far away from the sounds of Krister Linder or early Biosphere. His debut ambient album MOSSEBO was released in September 2008 on Lotuspike. His ambient music has also appeared on several compilations, and draws influences from Aphex Twin, Pete Namlook and The KLF. In addition to Massebo, other releases by Agebjörn on Spotted Peccary Music are We Never Came To The White Sea with Mikael Ögren, and The Mountain Lake.

About Spotted Peccary Music:
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