The new album is the first of Kelly David’s adventurous organic electronic albums for Spotted Peccary Music.

PORTLAND, OR (August 23, 2019) – Spotted  Peccary Music announces the label debut of ambient electronic artist Kelly David, with Meditation in Green, a psychedelic musical journey deep into the heart of Viet Nam’s Mekong Delta, a mysterious land where nature is the dominant force. Field recordings of water, birds, frogs and thunderstorms blend in and out of the constantly evolving minimalist sonic textures keeping the environment always close at hand. The album will be released by Spotted Peccary Music on August 23, 2019, available as CD, as well as for downloading in mp3, CD quality lossless, and 24-bit audiophile formats.

An immersive work, built upon deep evolving drones and dreamlike atmospheres, Meditation in Green blends environmental field  recordings with minimalist ambient textures to underscore nature as a significant component to the work. Subtly nuanced electronic soundforms  inhabit the heart of the music as percussion elements ebb and flow, slowly winding through the ethno-atmospheric currents of sound, while thoughtfully placed micro events give depth to the experience, rewarding the discriminating listener with a revealing musical landscape. Pure, honest, and undeniably introspective, Kelly David’s masterfully crafted soundscapes bring to mind misty visions of a familiar unknown.

Kelly David’s name is not unknown to Ambient Electronic fans. In 2011, music connoisseur Richard Gürtler, based in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, wrote an extended review of Kelly David’s release Angkor, saying, “Kelly portrays here through his adventurous sonic visions spirituality, mystery and architecture of Angkor, the capital of the Khmer Empire and civilization…The album starts with exotically perfumed “Winds Of Change,” spiced by assorted bell sounds and bird calls, with always evolving structure layered into a spectacularly dramatic manner. Faraway sonic expedition just begun!!!”

Special guests heard in the mix include Hanoi-based composer Vu Nhat Tan, who recorded samples of Vietnamese instruments heard on “Meditation in Green” and “A Bend in the River.” Drew Redfield played electric guitar on “Moonlight Mekong,” and on the title track “Meditation in Green” Kim Miner provided the “processed sake babble,” Kailani Jurasek rang the temple bell, Kent Antognini provided wildlife field recordings, and Eckhart Buehler recorded the frogs.

Meditation In Green is available in both physical and digital formats, as well as 24-bit Audiophile format.

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Kelly is an electronic music composer, recording and producing his work from The Edge, Kelly’s Denver recording studio.  Most days, Kelly works primarily with synthesizers requiring solid AC current, although he’s often found banging on SE Asian and Chinese gongs, as well as other acoustic percussion instruments. Originally from Washington, D.C., Kelly played French Horn and pursued classical composition studies. In the music conservatory, Kelly met his first analog synthesizer and he realized that an entire orchestra of new sounds was in reach, without having to cajole musicians to play his scores. Today, Kelly finds his musical inspiration in the light and space of the West. His music features slow, ever-evolving musical changes, where the smallest sound seeks its place in Kelly’s musical collages. Kelly lives with his wife and three wild dogs along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in high desert bliss. Meditation in Green is Kelly’s first release on Spotted Peccary Music; previous releases from Kelly David include Broken Voyage (2002), Angkor (2006), and The Long Night  (with Steve Roach, 2014).

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