Spotted Peccary Music Releases Debut Album by Modular Synthesizer Composer Bart Hawkins.

Portland, OR (September 27, 2019) — Celebrating the fundamental energy currents that are the building blocks of all electronic music, Bart Hawkins’ debut release 21 Pulse Eclipse is a bold and provocative album that takes a deep dive into the distinctive world of modular synthesis and pure electronic sound-shaping. The title track was composed on August 21, 2017 during the full solar eclipse in Oregon, and radiates the power of solar alignment and electronic spiritual perspicuity.

Reflecting on his compositional process, Hawkins shares some insight about his creative methods and motivations. “This album is based on the fundamentals of energy currents, the building blocks to all electronic music. I wanted to capture the powerful, raw, undulating currents that create the life and breath of electronic music. I wanted to learn from and know these currents as I would know a human being. To listen to each voice, to know their own unique life cycles as they come into being one moment and dissolve into the next.”

Modular synthesis is a unique art form, both from a creative process and a listening experience. The sounds are unique and have a sonic footprint or personality. Building these sonic personalities into a moving sonic journey is like sculpting something that is infinite. Hawkins suggests that “the universe is electric and we all are just medium through which this electricity flows endlessly.”

“I wanted to create music entirely on a modular system, using no keyboards. Throughout the album, I incorporated tape loop recording techniques and used natural sounds that I recorded. In the track ‘Torus Energy,’ I even pulled audio off of my old video tape of a Tibetan dance I recorded when I traveled to India in 1994. I recorded sounds of a small local music festival, so that I could weave it into the tracks, ‘Dream Meditation’ Parts 1 and 2. I wanted to embrace not only electrical energy from the modular, but also electrical energy found in nature and elsewhere. I believe this gives 21 PULSE ECLIPSE more of an organic experience.”

The title track was composed and recorded during a full solar eclipse. Eclipses have their own very special energy about them and throughout history they are steeped in deep lore. “I wanted to sit down in front of the modular synth the day of the eclipse to — as I would like to think — pull down that unique energy of the eclipse and let it evolve through the modular synth, as the eclipse evolves through its cycle. I did notice that there was a particular ‘pulse’ of energy associated with this solar eclipse and this pulse also showed up musically. The 21 is not only the date of the eclipse, but is considered by many esoteric texts as a divine number and is very sacred. It was quite an experience for me.” 

Infinite, timeless, unrestrained, visionary; any number of words could be used to describe the enigmatic soundscapes of 21 Pulse Eclipse, as Bart Hawkins uses the power of sound to break the barriers of the finite experience, simultaneously reaching inward and outward to explore the currents of an ever-expanding electronic dream.

21 Pulse Eclipse will be released September 27, 2019 by Spotted Peccary Music for physical purchase in CD format and in 24-BIT AUDIOPHILE, CD QUALITY LOSSLESS, MP3 and streaming formats

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About Bart Hawkins: Bart Hawkins is an electronic music composer with an emphasis in modular synthesis. Bart’s dedication to the inner sonic landscapes began in the early 80’s when he started practicing Zen Meditation and his discovery of the Berlin School style of electronic music. He was launched into an array of musical landscapes, sound textures, and silence. This sparked a spiritual awakening into the power of sound. With his ears turned inwards, Bart freely journeyed