2308, 2019

Meditation in Green: Into the Heart of the Mekong Delta

August 23, 2019|

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The new album is the first of Kelly David’s adventurous organic electronic albums for Spotted Peccary Music. PORTLAND, OR (August 23, 2019) - Spotted  Peccary Music announces the label debut of ambient electronic artist Kelly David, with Meditation in Green, a psychedelic musical journey deep into the heart of Viet Nam's Mekong Delta, a mysterious land where nature is the dominant force. Field recordings of water, birds, frogs and thunderstorms blend in and out of the con

2106, 2019

MOSSEBO Special Edition: Remastered + Bonus Tracks digital-only Available Now on Spotted Peccary Music

June 21, 2019|

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Portland, OR (June 2019) — Acclaimed Swedish electronica producer Johan Agebjörn’s highly-anticipated MOSSEBO Special Edition: Remastered + Bonus Tracks “Kyrie Elesion” and “Unhappy Love,” evokes human warmth in a wintry landscape. An ambient sci-fi forward motion sound with shimmering electro beats, expertly juxtaposing intimacy and isolation, to which you can both dance and dream. This remastered, digital-only edition is available now through The Los

2305, 2019

Spotted Peccary releases PRECAMBRIAN, an Ambient Electronic Odyssey Through Time by Sverre Knut Johansen with Robert Rich.

May 23, 2019|

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The story of life on Earth is an ambitious undertaking. Focusing his conceptual musical lens on the prehistoric development of planet Earth and its inhabitants, Sverre Knut Johansen is joined by noted electronic music maestro and soundscape pioneer Robert Rich to create a deeply compelling ambient-electronic odyssey that serves as a virtual soundseeing tour through our planet's vivid history. PRECAMBRIAN, the album, releases on the Spotted Peccary Music label this Friday,

1904, 2019

Spotted Peccary Music Releases How it Happened, a New Ambient Electronic Album by Composer, Producer, Engineer & Multi-Instrumentalist Tom Eaton

April 19, 2019|

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE What does it sound like to explore the peaceful places where one’s path follows the edge of the mighty Mississippi or the Merrimack River as it meets the sea? For Tom Eaton, a composer, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist, those blissful vistas are best expressed in a rich and heartfelt blend of piano, ambient guitar, and synth textures on How it Happened, his latest collection of ambient electronic stories about taking the unseen paths and finding serene moments;

2203, 2019

Spotted Peccary Music Releases FIRE OPAL by Massergy Analog Soundscapes from the Great Outdoors

March 22, 2019|

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Portland, OR) March 22, 2019 -- The Fire Opal is a richly red-orange colored stone in Mexican folklore that is believed to have been created in the heavens, and imbued with mystical powers of healing and protection. Massergy’s expressive album, FIRE OPAL, seemingly transforms that myth into music, a sonic blending of his analog recordings and the great outdoors; the new album debuted today on renowned Portland, OR-based record label Spotted Peccary Music. According to Ma

2202, 2019

Craig Padilla and Marvin Allen Collaborate on Toward the Horizon, a New Album Releasing Friday via Spotted Peccary Music

February 22, 2019|

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Pulsing with life and vibrant energy, Toward the Horizon is a striking collaboration combining electronic music veteran Craig Padilla’s analog and digital synth mastery with the electric guitar wizardry of Marvin Allen. Portland, OR (February 22, 2019) — Spotted Peccary Music announces the release of Toward the Horizon, an album by internationally-celebrated and award-winning electronic music artist Craig Padilla and multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, performer, an

1501, 2019

32: FREE Ambient Electronic Sampler

January 15, 2019|

Our NEW ambient electronic sampler is here! During the past 12 months Spotted Peccary released eight wonderful albums, and this new sampler features a selection from each one. Carefully chosen and thoughtfully sequenced into an album-length journey, the eight tracks move through a sublime 62-minute listening experience meant to be enjoyed over and over again. “32” features a collection of tracks that were released in 2018, Spotted Peccary’s 32nd year in existence! Get "31" free at Bandcamp

2311, 2018

Chronotope Project’s LOTUS RISING is now available

November 23, 2018|

LOTUS RISING, Chronotope Project‘s fourth album on the Spotted Peccary label, is a series of musical reflections on Zen Buddhism. The ambient electronic character of the album is deeply rooted in lush synth textures and mesmerizing sequenced electronics, naturally flowing together to create mystical soundspaces seasoned with cello, Irish whistle, twenty-four string Harpejji, hand percussion, and natural field recordings. The wonderfully mysterious soundscapes of LOTUS RISING glide meaningfully t

2610, 2018

Catherine Marie Charlton’s “I Dream About this World”

October 26, 2018|

Pianist/Composer Catherine Marie Charlton paints an immersive musical world for the Andrew Wyeth centennial. I Dream About This World - The Wyeth Album, embodies the creative expansion of the mind, and forms a soundtrack for introspective exploration of private thoughts, painting a musical world where the listener can escape this "busy, bustling life," as N. C. Wyeth called it 100 years ago. To achieve her expansive vision, the neo-classical pianist known for her quietly spacious, meditative com

2109, 2018

Brand new album from Madhavi Devi

September 21, 2018|

Spotted Peccary Music is pleased to announce the release of Madhavi Devi's new album, THE TRUTH OF BEING. Drawing from her multi-faceted explorations as both a visual and musical artist, Madhavi Devi delivers a visionary album rich with musical meditations that blur the line between the tranquility of inner peace and the thrill of discovering unexplored personal realms. It's a meaningful journey through lush sensual textures and heart-opening phrases that paint powerful scenes of exquisite space

1008, 2018

ECHO: a new album from Chris Russell

August 10, 2018|

With this second solo release on the Spotted Peccary label, Chris Russell has created a visually compelling sound tapestry that ripples and reflects with abstract excitement and curiosity. Focused heavily on sound design, captured field recordings, electronics, and found sounds, this sci-fi inspired audioscape is filled with textured and minimal atmospheres that develop from near nothingness into meaningful sonic narratives, echoing outward through spaces of mystery, peace, tension, and solitude

2107, 2018

A Name-Your-Price Collection from Deborah Martin

July 21, 2018|

Deborah Martin launches a new series of Spotted Peccary releases entitled Selections. These name-your-price collections offer thoughtfully crafted journeys through an artist's catalog. Featuring tracks from each release, the Selections albums offer a panoramic overview of the musical paths an artist has traveled so far, and a new perspective on the creative threads that weave through each artist's work. Whether collaborating with other artists or working on her own projects, Deborah Martin alway

606, 2018

WIND JOURNEY: Special Remastered Edition

June 6, 2018|

Remastered in 24-bit clarity from the original mixes, Erik Wøllo‘s out of print classic, Wind Journey, is now available as a special remastered edition download-only release. This ninth solo album is a milestone release for Wøllo, representing a seminal moment in his recording career. Wøllo's trademark strong themes and moody vignettes are at the core of the music while his songwriting skills ascend to a another level, showcasing for the first time a melodic maturity and dazzling dramatic intens

405, 2018

THE VAST EXPANSE: New album from Sverre Knut Johansen w/David Helpling

May 4, 2018|

Sverre Knut Johansen’s third release on the Spotted Peccary Music label, offers a fantastic sci-fi themed electro-symphonic trek through the human awareness and contemplation of the Universe and its origin. Joined by acclaimed ambient guitarist David Helpling, Johansen shapes intriguing musical meditations, delicately crafting organic and synthetic environments that effortlessly underscore the human search for cosmic meaning on this memorable musical exploration through the limitless themes of o

2704, 2018

A new album from Erik Wøllo

April 27, 2018|

With Threshold Point, Erik Wollo delivers a collection of carefully crafted compositions: introspective, yet melodic electronic music. It is pensive and reflective upon passing and transition; several sequencer-driven pieces contrast with surrounding dreamlike ambient soundscapes. Wollo's mood is contemplative and expressively intense, capturing an authentic moment in time.   Get THRESHOLD POINT