Project Description

Music and nature have always gone hand in hand for Rudy Adrian. He first started making electronic music while studying Forestry Science at the University of Canterbury, and in the following years at the University of Otago while completing a degree in Botany.

The natural world continues to be a common thread in Rudy Adrian’s music through the exploration of sonic landscapes, where melody and rhythm play a secondary role to the tones and textures created by synthesizers, wood flutes and the human voice.

Rudy Adrian’s Lotuspike debut, MoonWater, was a beautifully crafted study in deeply serene and contemplative soundscapes. His next release, Desert Realms, explored the stillness and vast landscapes of the American Southwest. On his latest release, Distant Stars, Rudy’s eye turns skyward for a journey across space, as he guides listeners confidently through the wonders of the stars.

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