Project Description

From an early age Paul Ellis began showing a strong creative streak that turned exclusively towards music after hearing several classic European Electronic albums within a week’s time, which proved to be a profound awakening for him; this was the first time music had affected him so deeply.

Although the inspiration was great, Synthesizers were very expensive then, and using them to create seemed too far out of reach at the time. Paul began studying Classical, Ragtime, Jazz and Folk music, later playing bass and guitar in a few rock bands, but always dreaming of recreating that sound he heard in his head that was so uniquely tied to synthesizers.

In the mid eighties he bought his first few synths, added multi tracking, and from that point on has found his perfect expression in the world of animating electronic kaleidoscopic music where the morphing tone colors are as important as the melody, harmony and rhythm. Paul continues to release albums in a style that blends French Impressionism, German Electronic and American Minimalism, forging his own unique touch in the genre.

Paul was a founding member of the synth band Dweller at the Threshold and has also released several solo works and collaborations with artists such as Steve Roach, Craig Padilla, Rudy Adrian, Nemesis, Ron Boots and Otso Pakarinen.

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