Project Description

Northcore is the London based duo of Carl Gibbons (producer, composer, performer), and Jana Tillotson (composer, performer, lyricist). With contributions and collaborations from a host of other talented musicians.

Born in Scandinavia and moved to Australia in the 80s, Carl spent his school years in Melbourne. Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre were his childhood heroes, so it is no surprise that he became attracted to the electronic ambient music that blossomed with Melbourne’s early rave movement. With the support of local music organizations including Kiss FM, Green Ant Records and many enthusiastic gig promoters, Carl’s first forays into the electronic scene were hugely successful and his Northcore project quickly gained local recognition, especially in the techno scene.

Although live techno was a frequent Northcore bill for city parties, it is his live ambient and psy-trance sets in the forest which receive the highest acclaim. Never content to just dance behind a laptop, Carl’s live sets are brimming with interactivity, weaving together audio from CDs, computer and synthesizer, miking up performers in the audience for impromptu solos. As a foundation member of Melbourne’s Kronik Krew, Carl has also engineered many of his own outdoor trance parties and indoor rave nights across the state of Victoria.

Since his relocation to the UK, Northcore music has been featured on websites, documentaries, short films, computer games, international fashion shows, and sporting videos.

Most recently Northcore has been exploring the psy-trance scene of London, and incorporating a broader mix of styles, but the music can generally be classified under “electronic,” “chill,” and “alternative.”

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