Project Description

Matthew Stewart is no stranger to the Spotted Peccary Label, having appeared on albums and live performances by David Helpling, Jon Jenkins, Deborah Martin, and many others over the past two decades.

Since early childhood, Matthew has always had an ear for music, first picking out melodies on an upright piano, then moving into classical piano lessons before experimenting with synthesis and electronic music in his teens. For him creating music is about letting go of the noise and conflict of being human and just being in the moment. “Music has always been a way to express thoughts or emotions that are hard for me to articulate otherwise.  The bend of a note, the way chords, melody and texture interplay and reveal something that cannot be defined, but must be felt has been a constant source of fascination for me.”

A World Bathed In Sunlight is Matthew Stewart’s first release on the Spotted Peccary Label.