Project Description

“I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson and Garth Brooks when I was younger,” recalls Justin Vanderberg about his early exposure to music. Before long however, he was exploring his father’s diverse collection of albums, discovering the works of Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, David Arkenstone, and Enya along with many others.

Inspired to create music of his own, he began to experiment with some sequencing software that came pre-installed on his family’s first computer. “We didn’t have an actual MIDI keyboard or synth,” Vanderberg explains, “so I was literally using the computer keyboard and mouse to play and write music.” At that same time, Vanderberg was also discovering the deeper sounds of artists like Steve Roach and Dead Can Dance, which would have a profound impact in shaping the music he would eventually create. He explains, “After years of immersing myself in the sounds of deep ambient and minimalism, I began crafting my technique, and cultivating my relationship with the sound current.” Indeed, Vanderberg worked closely with Steve Roach on his 2007 release, In Waking Moments.

Synthetic Memories is Justin Vanderberg’s second album, and his first on the Spotted Peccary Music Label.

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