Project Description

John Flomer began laying the foundation for his career as a “visual musician” early on. His first musical instrument was a little red accordion. With it he taught himself to play themes from various film scores. Even at an early age, it became apparent that cinematic music would be a defining influence in his work.

“I’m never going to fly, or visit another world. I’m never going to travel back in time, nor will I see the distant future. This is why I write music.”

As times and influences changed, so did John’s instrument. Now he was playing guitar in a rock band. “We moved from guitar instrumentals, to “British Invasion” rock, to progressive heavy metal, then finally to the last desperate act of survival…..‘Cat Scratch Fever’.”

After a decade of bars, ballrooms and concerts, John put his guitar in its case for the last time and purchased a multi-track recorder and a synthesizer. He then enrolled in the media arts program at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. It was here that John reconnected with the past to discover that for him music had always been a visual experience. Every style and rhythm defined a plot; every sound, playing technique and melody shaped the characters, the action, and emotional charge.

Coming to Spotted Peccary in 1996 with his first release, Mysterious Motions of Memory, John focuses his theoretical eye on the concept of genetic memory. He entertains the notion that memories and experiences, accumulated from antiquity through to the present, become assimilated into our genetic code to pass along a generational thread into the future. The idea that this information surfaces from time to time within our dreams, the curiosity of “deja vu,” or the recollection of certain past life experiences, is the underlying theme that runs throughout this creative and outstanding gallery exhibition of music and art.

John Flomer’s newest Spotted Peccary release Night in the Vapor Jungle, invites us to enter a deep, interior world of spectral mood and motion, where magic is made in the re-awakening of our lost passions and dreams. The inventive chordal arrangements and rich orchestral textures create fields over which alluring piano melodies traverse. Plucked instruments and bells sprinkle the view with eerie light and shadow as vocal and electronic color flow through the panorama, charging the atmosphere with a sensibility that is both intimate and immense.

John Flomer’s inspiration thrives in that gray area between fantasy and reality; where everything is liquid, fragile, wondrous and possible. He sums it up this way – “I have met the wind with wings outstretched and have flown. I have walked on many strange and beautiful worlds. I have traveled deep into the distant past and have seen how we came to be. I have passed in awe through the portals to the future. This is why I write music.”

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