Project Description

Green Isac is a Norwegian-based duo featuring multi-instrumentalist Morten Lund and imaginative percussionist Andreas Eriksen.

Together Eriksen and Lund blend electronic and ethnic instruments alike into kinetic rhythms, sometimes electronically fueled, and often acoustically driven, with accents from processed guitars and quirky synths, setting it all in otherworldly landscapes with an air of mystery and intrigue. In 2015 the Duo expanded their sound to include three additional musicians (Frode Larsen, Tov Ramstad and Jo Wang) leading to the latest project titled Green Isac Orchestra.

Green Isac Orchestra is the group’s fourth album on the Spotted Peccary label. Their previous releases include Passengers (2014), Etnotronica (2004), Groundrush (2001), Happy Endings (1997) and Strings & Pottery (1991).

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