Project Description

Csillagköd, the Hungarian word for “Nebula,” is the Space/Drone/Ambient musical project of Transylvania-based soundscape artist Olivér Dombi. Born on Christmas evening in 1981, Olivér was always fascinated with space and astronomy, and ever since childhood he has pondered the wonders of the night sky.

In 2001 Oliver began to write music and eventually the collision of this creative passion with his philosophical contemplation of the heavens resulted in a musical expression deeply inspired by the mysteries of interstellar space. Silent World is Csillagköd’s first full-length album and it follows three EP length releases “Biospace,” “Orbital Clarity” and “Cosmic Ocean.” Creating deep soundscapes inspired by the cosmos, Csillagköd continues the long tradition of Spacemusic in the truest and purest sense of the genre.