Spotted Peccary Podcast #39

Podcast 39

2012 In Review – Pt. 2 (0:00) Welcome to part two of 2012 in review! (0:58) “Small Blue Ones” by Darshan Ambient (4:15) “Midnight Encounter” by Craig Padilla (12:50) “Dream Travel” by Craig Padilla & Zero Ohms (17:43) “Who Will Answer” by Darshan Ambient (21:47) “Chinook Wind (excerpt)” by Paul Ellis (26:35) “Nocturne” by Northcore (31:48) “Strange Storms” by Craig Padilla & Zero Ohms (34:50) “To Look At In Winter” …continue…

Spotted Peccary Podcast #38

Spotted Peccary Podcast

It’s December 22, and the Earth is still here. That means our last remaining excuse for not doing a new podcast has just bitten the dust. There has been waaay too much music released since episode 37, so this will be a two-part series… 2012 In Review – Pt. 1 (0:00) Welcome, we’re back! (0:48) “Falling Light” by Darshan Ambient (6:00) “Looking Glass” by Northcore (9:38) “Spirit Signs” by Craig …continue…

MUSIC IS ART – Podcast #37


Peccary Podcast #37 March 2012 Spring is here once again. The trees and flowers are budding, and the birds and bees are out doing their thing. However, here at the podcast, we’re always a few months behind the rest of the world, so we’re going to explore two releases that came out a few months back…during the deep chill of winter. This episode features nearly an hour of music from …continue…

MUSIC IS ART – Podcast 36 is online

Podcast 36

Falling leaves and falling rain have us deeply inspired by the turning of the season. This episode features epic electronics from Paul Ellis’ latest release on the Lotuspike label, From Out Of The Vast Comes Nearness, with interludes from Erik Wollo’s new double live CD on Projekt Records, Silent Currents.