About Wind Journey


1. Beginning

2. Wind Journey 1

3. Blue Moon

4. Dream Lines

5. Going North

6. Awakening

7. Insula

8. Wind Journey 2

9. Sea

10. Open Land

11. Spring Poem

12. Rain

13. Distant View

14. Huldra 2

15. Early Autmn

16. Frost

17. Winter Shine

18. Winter Lake

19. Passage Of Time

20. Destination

21. Aurora Borealis

22. Cloudscapes

23. Home

Journey into Erik Wøllo’s world of rich vibrant textures, rhythmic pulses and hypnotic melodies that compel the listener to discover the passion and inspiration of this highly crafted music. A complete submersion into sound that speaks directly to the heart and soul of those who yearn to discover new and far-away lands. Explore this classic masterwork – by Erik Wollo, one of the true artists of the genre.