Unnamed Lands

Unnamed Lands

Tom Griesgraber / Bert Lams

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Listen 1. Unnamed Lands
Listen 2. Don't Look Back
Listen 3. Prairie Suite
Listen 4. A Red Glow Against The Sky
Listen 5. Where The Trail Divides
Listen 6. A Letter Home
Listen 7. Insects
Listen 8. Vaquero
Listen 9. Smoke Signals
Listen 10. War Dance
Listen 11. Lumbering Prowlers
Listen 12. Unearthly Screams / Scattered
Listen 13. Rebecca
Listen 14. Pacific

The first studio collaboration from Tom Griesgraber and Bert Lams, Unnamed Lands is a project over four years in the making. The organic tonalities of Griesgraber’s Chapman Stick and Lams’ acoustic guitar work together across the fourteen original instrumental tracks, telling the story of a group of wagon train pioneers heading west circa 1840. Throughout the album odd meters and adventurous sounds blend seamlessly with a highly melodic, folk-like approach into what could almost be described as “Progressive Americana.” A lavish 12-page booklet features original stories presented as “diary entries,” along with fantastic original artwork by Jack and Laurent Duriex to further immerse the listener in the experience.

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