Under The Moon

Under The Moon

Deborah Martin


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Deborah Martin, in this highly acclaimed album, weaves enchanting melodies over delicate rhythmic movements of acoustic guitar and keyboards illuminating the realm between twilight and dawn. Ambient electric guitar and bass, orchestral textures, and Native American instruments are used to lend a profound subtlety to this warm and intimate release. Used extensively on NBC’s coverage of the Olympic Games.


A review from Time and a Word Magazine | Read Full Review
"quite an intriguing debut album of ambient electronic music."

Recording in California, Ms. Martin offers quite an intriguing debut album of ambient electronic music. Top sound production from label head Howard Givens helps give this celestial New Age music an edge. The music ranges from stark and surreal to the sublime, and Martin receives excellent support from a variety of guitarists as well as King Crimson bassist Tony Levin.

- Time and a Word Magazine

A review from The Edge | Read Full Review
"a definite feminine vibration of subtle power and beauty"

Since the dawn of humankind on earth and before, the moon has deeply touched our spiritual and organic lives. Musical artists from Beethoven to The Moody Blues have stretched their imaginations to touch the glowing orb of Artemis through sound.

Following in this ancient tradition, composer / synthesist Deborah Martin has created an album reflecting the mysterious night time beauty of our closest celestial neighbor.

Under The Moon has a definite feminine vibration of subtle power and beauty. Its overall mood is relaxing, light and spacious -- with choice moments of harmonic tension, movement and dynamics. In other words, this is music with well-conceived ideas and not just pleasant, ambient sound.

The sonic quality of this CD is warm and clear. Gentle touches of acoustic guitar, fretless bass and native american flute bring an earthy note to harmonize with the cool crystal of the synth sounds. Deborah Martin's smooth, inviting recording Under The Moon succeeds nicely as a relaxing, ethereal orchestral journey.

- D. Alexander Strong, The Edge

A review from Fears Magazne | Read Full Review
"Deborah Martin performs most the beautiful music"

Imagine looking up at a star filled sky. You can clearly see many of the stars, including the big round moon. As you look to each star, there is a story to tell about each one of them. Under the Moon, musically speaks of these stories and the peaceful feeling you get when you observe the heavens above.

Deborah Martin performs most the beautiful music, though she does get some help form people like Tony Levin, Howard Givens, Jon Jenkins, Jeff Moore and David Strile. Over the course of the CD you will enjoy Twilight, see Aurora, experience Night's Shadow, sit Under the Moon, believe in Maker of Dreams and Before the Dawn.

A good CD to play at home when you need to; slow things down, read a book or write a letter to a friend. It will make your forget your worries and enliven up your day.

- Terry Wickham, Fears Magazne

A review from Amazing Sounds | Read Full Review
"innovative and uplifting"

This is the first time I've heard something from Deborah Martin and I must confess that she has impressed me. Under the Moon is pure instrumental music with many elements from different styles, including classical music, electronic, ambient and so on. All selections have been composed and performed by Martin, although several other musicians (including Paul Lackey and Jon Jenkins) also appear. The music is innovative and uplifting. The author translates successfully her inspiration into electronic music, and with it, the listener will be carried off on a relaxing journey. The album contains 10 tracks.

- M. Montes, Amazing Sounds

A review from Real To Reel | Read Full Review
"elegant mix of classical, space music and primal elements"

Just as the name Under The Moon conjures up all kinds of nocturnal and archetypal imagery, so do the lush compositions and arrangements on Deborah Martin's debut release. Both electronic and acoustic instruments are used to paint the majesty and mystery of the night sky, with bright acoustic and textural electric guitars embellishing Deborah Martin's classically influenced keyboard orchestrations. There is much variety in the material, from the dreamy Twilight and Nights Shadow to the slowly building crescendo of Aurora -- anchored by the exquisite electric string bass of Tony Levin, well known to rock fans for his work with Peter Gabriel and King Crimson. A native american theme colors two tracks: the atmospheric Gray Sky, which features an evocative poem first recited in the Apache tongue, then sung by Deborah Martin; and the potent Maker Of Dreams, with its soaring synth strings riding on a carpet of rolling toms. Under The Moon drifts away to the impressionistic strains of Before Dawn, the perfect finishing touch to the album's elegant mix of classical, space music and primal elements.

- Real To Reel

A review from Fresh Tracks | Read Full Review
"Under The Moon is sure to set the night on fire"

Another in a terrific series of offerings from Spotted Peccary, a truly innovative label deserving of a lot more attention (and they're beginning to get it). Under The Moon is a fascinating collection of sound textures, from Deborah's hauntingly lyrical synthesizers to ambient and acoustic guitar, bass, and on the exquisite Maker of Dreams, Native American drums and flute. Another favorite track is Gray Sky, conjuring images of deeply shadowed canyons and cliff walls, clouds streaming overhead, illuminated by the moon, with a spoken vocal in Apache that is then sung in English. These are dream songs, night music, ethereal, trance-inducing, mind-altering, even more awesome with headphones. Deborah's compositions take us through a night's journey, from the opening Twilight to the closing Before Dawn. In fact, Under The Moon inspires the poet in me, with visions of riders under the night sky, tracked by the moon's unwavering gaze, helped on their way by her soft silver light, welcoming fires spitting embers into the dawn sky, lit from behind with the faintest hint of the sun's fiery rays. Under The Moon is contemporary music set to ancient beats, ancient emotions of the night, of the dreamtime between life and death, a soundtrack that bids us to go deeply into the unseen worlds and bring to dawn's light what we find. True to Spotted Peccary's tradition, the stunning cover is reproduced from an original oil painting, this one by Olivier Nadel, of horses running in the clouds flying Under The Moon. Beautiful, wild, night magic, Under The Moon is sure to set the night on fire.

- Steve Ryals, Fresh Tracks

A review from AllMusic.com | Read Full Review
"Deep listeners will follow her willingly and respectfully with no hesitation"

Deborah Martin is an extremely sensitive performer. Under the Moon is a Native American-influenced ambient CD. With assistance from the usual Spotted Peccary crew, Martin creates a very reverent and respectful soundscape to honor the cultures of Native Americans. The subtle acoustics augment her electronics and the electronics take the ethnicity to higher planes and exotic locations. Martin's atmospheres are dense and expansive. Deep listeners will follow her willingly and respectfully with no hesitation. This disc will appeal to fans of Marina Raye, R. Carlos Nakai, Douglas Spotted Eagle, and Perry Silverbird.

- Jim Brenholts, AllMusic.com

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