Twilight In The Offing

Twilight in the Offing

Chad Hoefler

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Listen 1. Crimson Lost
Listen 2. Enveloping Shadow
Listen 3. Substrata
Listen 4. Refugia
Listen 5. In A Marooned Moment
Listen 6. On The Eve Of Plum Frost
Listen 7. Orchard Of Stone

As the title of Chad Hoefler’s 2004 debut CD suggests, Twilight In The Offing represents the artists attempt to sonically capture the concept of inevitability; the inescapable fact that darkness follows dusk, that fall and winter follow summer, and that the expiration of life is the ultimate certainty. Tracks vary widely from one another from deep and dark orchestral soundscapes with tribal percussion to floating sonic surrealism to abstract, pensive soundworlds.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that this is Chad’s ‘debut ‘ CD. Twilight in the Offing is the work of a mature and experienced artist, with a sonic variety and depth that stand up next to the best of the ambient/space music genre.

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