About The Zen Master’s Diary


1. Evidence Of Light

2. Night Shot of Earth

3. Quieter Still

4. Drawing Water

5. Wanting

6. It Has Begun

7. Bless You

8. The Rightness Of Things

9. The Zen Master's Diary

Recorded February-May 2002
Oakland, California

“The music on The Zen Master’s Diary is so suffused with calm and patience that it’s like bathing in warm water under a starry sky. You’ll feel yourself start to float away, not in a literal sense, but in the sense of having your cares lifted from you, as if they were tangible garments. I have a difficult time describing the emotional reaction I have to Allison’s music with any lucidity because, to me, this is intensely personal music, meant to be shared only with those whom one loves.” ~ Bill Binkleman, Wind and Wire