About The Storm


1. The Storm

2. The Dream

3. The Gathering

4. Hantu (Ghost or Spirit)

5. Distant Train, Distant Thunder

6. The Path Between

7. Cenote

8. The Light In the Trees

9. From The Cradle

10. The Last Feeling

11. Surrender

12. Bajan

The Storm compels the listener into a world of heightened reality and awareness, revealing an inner purpose to life, its struggles, and its fulfillment. Stearns sculpts soundfields and textures with a palette that seems neither electronic nor acoustic, inviting a musical experience that is profoundly organic and unique; a magnificently crafted musical tapestry.

Michael Stearns is a composer and soundtrack designer/producer who lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His works include seventeen IMAX films, sixteen solo albums and the scores to Ron Fricke’s non-verbal global film masterpieces Chronos , Sacred SiteBaraka and Samsara. His music has been used by NASA, Laserium, and choreographed by the Berkshire Ballet, and was used in part in the Academy Award-winning film Titanic.