About The Lost World


1. Kama Meru

2. Lost World Theme

3. Ima Peru

4. Maripak: The Last Pterodactyl

5. Matawi: Killer of Men

6. Sabana

7. Volcano

8. Auyan

9. Warao

10. St. Francis

11. Crystal Canyon

12. Lost World Reprise

Michael Stearns transports us as listeners to a Lost World of rare beauty and unfathomable power. As a musician who has mastered modern audio technologies, Stearns has been able to incorporate the indigenous sounds of this prehistoric realm into an aural environment that allows us to share the anticipation, exhilaration, and surprise of this journey.

“Whenever I have gone out hiking or backpacking, I always enter into that childhood space of searching for a ‘Lost World’. It lives as a place within all of us, and with the expansion of the modern world, it gets harder and harder to find. In 1994 I traveled to The Lost World (El Mundo Perdido) in the south of Venezuela. This is the area that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about in his book ‘The Lost World’. The music on this album was inspired by the sights and sounds, the stories that I heard, and the experiences I had while exploring this area. Some of them stretched me into the unknown and revealed what is very hard to describe in words… easier to evoke with music. Many of the sounds I collected there are woven into the musical fabric of this CD. -Michael Stearns