About Subliminal Pulse


1. The Third Geometry

2. Santa Luminosa

3. Spirit Allies

4. Intrinsic Fluctuations

5. Subliminal Pulse

6. Slipped Time

7. Alchemical Powers

8. Pulsum Sacrum

9. Mantram

Veteran Electronic/Ambient composer and recording artist Bruno Sanfilippo has been creating and releasing impressive soundscapes since 1991. Now the internationally established instrumentalist delivers his first official US release, Subliminal Pulse, a tranquil and hypnotic ambient musical tapestry comprised of delicate melodies, layered electronics and synth textures that seem to come from deep within a dream.

Sanfilippo skillfully crafts the nine purely electronic compositions into an elegant and subtle soundspace of great depth, wonder and serenity. A myterious mood, although never foreboding, is present throughout the entire album and hovers just on the edge of a shadowy contemplation that leads the listener to deeper regions of introspection. This is the result of Sanfilippo’s desire to create a bridge; a connection between the imagination and the universe.

He explains, “Sometimes, the poetic language of music reveals what cannot be seen. It shows a reality that has nothing to do with words. With my electronic instruments I take the universe’s ‘Subliminal Pulse’, and I try to build a bridge between my inner pulse and the pulse of the outer space.”

Subliminal Pulse is the perfect complement to other Spotted Peccary and Lotuspike releases from Between Interval, Terra Ambient, and Rudy Adrian, as well as the lineage of Steve Roach, Brian Eno, and Kevin Braheny. By blending lush dreamscapes, darker spaces and a timeless universal quality into a classic sound with a purity that speaks to the soul, Sanfilippo re-invigorates the sub-genre of SPACE MUSIC with his first release on the Spotted Peccary Music label.