About Silent World


1. The Communication System between Civilizations of the Universe

2. Empty Galaxies

3. The Birth of the Solar System

4. Water from Another Planet

5. Kettőscsillag

6. Nap

7. Silent World

8. Az Univerzum Széle Felé

Silent World is the deep space inspired, ambient electronic exploration from Transylvania-based soundscape artist Csillagköd (the Hungarian word for “nebula”).  Remote dissonance, amorphous sound textures, and other-worldly melodies create an atmosphere of contemplative tranquility on this astro-sonic journey that expands on the great traditions of true space music, resulting in a deep and  profound listening experience.  From the mysteries of the unfathomable void, to the sublime tranquility of celestial wonders, Silent World is a deep introspection into the realm of dark and light, death and rebirth, creation and destruction; a timeless, boundless, hypnotic voyage through the universe.