About Radio Silence


1   From a Silent Surface

2   Wishful Thinking

3   Overheard

4   Radio Silence

5   Aerolith

6   The Dark Light

7   Katakomb

8   Your Flesh is Irrelevant

9   Open Frequency

10   Vortex

11   Field and Void

12   End Station

Drones, texture and atmosphere all set the tone on Between Interval’s entrancing debut of blissfully serene downtempo soundscapes. Hear where it all started for one of the most respected ambient electronic artists of the past decade.

Radio Silence was originally self-released in 2004 by Between Interval’s Stefan Jönsson on black CD-R in a very limited edition which quickly sold out. This new edition, remastered by Howard Givens, is now available on Spotted Peccary and sounds better than ever!