Process Of Being

Process Of Being

Zero Ohms

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Listen 1. The Present Perfect Tense of Being
Listen 2. The Approach of Nothingness
Listen 3. Glimpsing the Eternal
Listen 4. The Dream Dreaming You
Listen 5. The Process of Being There
Listen 6. Nameless

Following three masterful collaborations with Craig Padilla on the Lotuspike label, Zero Ohms (aka Richard Roberts) returns with PROCESS OF BEING, a new ambient solo work of floating, ethereal, luminous and expansive spacemusic. With his flutes and wind synthesizers in tandem, Zero Ohms brings forth billowing spaces that ascend and gently fall, effortlessly altering the listener’s sense of time and space.  This brilliantly subtle, beatless environment breathes with a sense of infinite presence, leaving both the past and the future elsewhere.

The album’s six tracks are well-developed, patient, deep and probing, seeping into, and shifting the frequencies of awareness. Through it all, the reigning atmosphere of peace and open space is evident everywhere, and the relaxing result serves as a soothing reminder of the joy of stillness and serenity, especially when painted from such an expansive sonic palette.

In speaking about this album, Richard shares “I have tried to establish a sense of infinity and freedom, and the sense of timelessness that seems to come with it.”  Even the track titles suggest an internal encounter with the infinite; from the koan-inspired “The Approach of Nothingness,” to the Lost Horizon literary reference of “Glimpsing the Eternal,” or “The Process of Being There,” a reference to Peter Sellers’ masterpiece Being There, a film about an existence which is only as long as the present moment.

The music on PROCESS OF BEING was created through a skillful blend of acoustic and electronic instruments and effects, but without the actual use of keyboards in any of the process. Synths were instead played via an electronic wind-controller, and of course the masterful flute textures that are the trademark of any Zero Ohms release are in full bloom throughout, lending an underlying rhythm of breath to the album and giving the electronics a very natural, organic feel.


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"a heavenly ride through colorful space on a warm pillow of soft winds"

A master of floating atmospherics, Zero Ohms is the alias of wind player and composer Richard Roberts. He has a long list of releases going back to the mid-90s, including several recent collaborations with Craig Padilla on the Lotuspike label, although this writer first became aware of him on his 2002Soundfall to the Infinite collaboration with Brannan Lane, at a time when we were covering all of Lane’s material in our pages. Here, with the six long cuts on Process of Being, he’s working completely solo, which means all sounds are produced on wind synthesizer, flute, bass flute and other indeterminate wind instruments, drenched in studio effects; it’s very melodic and colorful, but tending toward the dreamy and formless. There are no hand drums or percussion, no beats, no keyboards of any kind, and no vocals – just a heavenly ride through colorful space on a warm pillow of soft winds. One may experience a sense of freedom and timeless space as one track leads effortlessly into another, while the listener is guided down a gentle eternal path that imposes no restrictions. This is best as eyes-closed with headphones music, although its relaxing nature makes good accompaniment for just about any kind of endeavor one may encounter, short of operating heavy machinery. While most of this could certainly be considered floating ambient music, it’s brighter colors and lack of dark shadows and grisly textures also recalls many elements of impressionist 19th century classical music.

- Peter Thelen, Exposé

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