About Outfolding


1. Hurried Space

2. Greys

3. Somewhere Current

4. The Far Edge of Suburban Station

5. Below

6. Cloud Shaping

7. Conundrum

8. Quiet Antenna

9. Thick Streets

Saul Stokes succeeds in creating a sound that is timeless and uniquely his own, two nearly impossible achievements in the world of electronic music. It’s world music for the mid-21st century, way ahead of its time. Ambient atmospherics blend with riveting electronic experimentalism, guided by an artistic savvy and grace all too rare in this tech-oriented genre.

The primary sound sources on all Saul Stokes recordings are several vintage-style analog modular synthesizers built by Stokes himself. But don’t mistake this to mean Stokes is working in a retro or ‘classic E-music ‘ style, because this is definitely not the case. Perhaps no artist in the ambient/experimental music scene possesses a sound as distinctive, fresh and modern.

Outfolding has been a favorite here at Spotted Peccary for many years and we are glad to finally be able to offer it in the store!