Out And About

Out And About


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Listen 1. Oxg
Listen 2. Lindos
Listen 3. Cab
Listen 4. One Minute After the Sunset
Listen 5. Moske Orgulje
Listen 6. The Earth
Listen 7. The Hanging Glacier
Listen 8. Two Minutes To Sunrise
Listen 9. Risvegli
Listen 10. Solo

Herion is an Italian trio whose members include Emanuele Errante, Enrico Coniglio, and Elisa Marzorati. Together they create a beautiful and compelling combination of delicate musical structures with ‘glitch ‘ components and strange, experimental little samples. Always a pleasant, peaceful listen, Out and About brings a blissed-out classical musicality into connection with an artful edge. This combination of elements results in an especially sensitive, moving set of mood pieces. Somewhere between chamber music and minimalism, between lightness and melancholy, this trio balances elements uncommon in ambient music.