About M’Ocean


2. Marriage Chords

3. M'Ocean

4. Lightplay

5. Vicki's Dance

6. Fireflies' Delight

7. Walking Song

13. Sirens

For many years, the early recordings of Michael Stearns were highly sought after. Now, the grand master of ambient and spacemusic offers a renewed ‘encounter ‘ with his old days in a remastered form.

M’Ocean was originally released in 1983 on cassette by the Continuum Montage label under the title ‘Light Play ‘ and re-released for the first time on CD by the Sonic Atmospheres label a year later. Hearing the first notes of M’Ocean, the seasoned Stearns listener will immediately recognize Michael’s massive and distinguished sound, a sound which would lead to world fame a couple of years later with classics like Planetary Unfolding, Chronos and Encounter.
M’Ocean can be regarded a Michael Stearns classic; a real warm-up for all the great things that followed.