From A Distant Horizon

From A Distant Horizon

J. Arif Verner

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Listen 1. Follow the Stream Entry
Listen 2. Heart of the Pearl
Listen 3. From a Distant Horizon
Listen 4. Reflections in the Memory Garden
Listen 5. In the Color of Air
Listen 6. Hermetica
Listen 7. Between The Divide
Listen 8. Floating in Amniotic Fluid
Listen 9. The Second Attention
Listen 10. Thought Forms

Using sound as color and space as texture, J. Arif Verner paints a scenery that is vast and expansive, where acoustic and electronic instruments seamlessly intertwine and floating atmospheres melt into dynamic, pulsing rhythmic images. Verner, joined by virtuoso percussionists Mar Gueye and Jeff Haynes, has sculpted music that feeds the soul and replenishes the body. A powerful mix of blended electronic and acoustic space/ambient music.


A review from Melliflua | Read Full Review
a must have ambient album in my opinion

J. Arif Verner's third release on the Spotted Peccary label From a Distant Horizon blends acoustic instrumentation, samples, and synthesised sounds to create a unique sound experience. This is ambience that is comfortable in both its abstract and emotional elements. Offsetting the formless ambient passages on a few tracks is percussion by guests Mar Gueye and Jeff Haynes. Also, there are a couple of almost melodic tracks which feature a plucked guitar played in an expressive manner.

Beginning the album is one of the percussive tracks, ‘Follow the Stream Entry’. Sounds of slowly sprinkling water open up to shimmering ribbons like the sparkling peaks of a not quite calm expanse of water. Heavier sonic washes and glistening pads then continually scan across the soundscape while a purposeful thrumming rhythm keeps the tempo up. This piece conjured up the image of a small inanimate object being swept along on and under the surface of water that starts peacefully in a stream and ends up in a fast moving river. The other percussive tracks ‘Reflections in the Memory Garden’ and ‘Between the Divide’ also have a dramatic intensity underpinning them.

In contrast, the longest track ‘In the Color of Air’ showcases J. Verner's delicate, though still earnest, musical touch. Like looking through a stained glass window on a sunny day, beautiful drones of different hues sedately whistle, wash, and whisper along moving in such a way as to form an indistinct dance of sounds. For me this is the music of air and light, it's like sitting atop a small hill overlooking a pretty landscape and watching the clouds move and the light change as the day progresses.

From a Distant Horizon is the first album by J. Arif Verner that I've heard and already I want to hear his others. Listening to it is like walking through a gallery containing pictures that call to the imaginative and reflective parts of one's being. It's a must have ambient album in my opinion.

- Dene Bebbington, Melliflua

A review from e/i Magazine, installment 7 | Read Full Review
exquisitely well-produced and buffed to a fine sheen, is soothing balm for the pressurized soul.

On From a Distant Horizon, J. Arif Verner reigns things back into more modest climes, embracing the minutiae of environment to reveal the prismatic beauty reflected in its undergrowth. ‘Follow the Stream Entry’ simmers and preens thanks to Roachian tribal motifs that bridge Verner’s surging hothouse synthcapades. Every bit as beauteous as Jon Jenkins’ work, though Verner bespeaks of biology rather than Berlioz, From a Distant Horizon, exquisitely well-produced and buffed to a fine sheen (as are all these Spotted Peccary offspring), is soothing balm for the pressurized soul. If that corporate invention dubbed ‘new age’ was a true affirmation of genre that didn’t simply court crystal rubbing and blank-eyed, inner navelgazing, Verner’s measure of pearlescent ambience might be a veritable benchmark.

- Darren Bergstein, e/i Magazine, installment 7

A review from Amazing Sounds | Read Full Review
The ten compositions of the album flow softly onwards, with a vital strength

J. Arif Verner gathers fresh musical ideas in this album, under a general focus approaching melodic Ambient. The ten compositions of the album flow softly onwards, with a vital strength that leads the listener to think of wide, pure, natural spaces. The structure of the music also consists of difused melodies that come and go, dense, atmospheric environments that surround these melodies, and occasional sound effects. The music turns out to be dreamy, even oniric, with a careful musical sensitivity.

- Edgar Kolger, Amazing Sounds

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