About Fluxus Quo


1   Stark Raven

2   Fluxus Quo

3   Synentasy

4   Chrysoden

5   Vertical Horizons

6   Obtuse Mongoose

7   Shifting Grains

8   Vestigal Memories

9   Ruminations of a Pensive Camel

10   Golondron

Klamt masterfully interweaves symphonic, progressive electronic, and indigenous styles into a dynamic work of sonic artistry in this greatly-anticipated follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut release, Fulcrum. With ultrahigh sound quality and a clear and vivid soundstage, Fluxus Quo is an excellent example of the driving electronics, percussive rhythms, and neoclassical orchestrations which help make Greg Klamt’s music some of the best of the New American sound.