About Dreamtime Return (Remaster)


1. Towards the Dream

2. The Continent

3. Songline

4. Airtribe Meets the Dream Ghost

5. A Circular Ceremony

6. The Other Side

7. Magnificent Gallery

8. Truth In Passing

9. Australian Dawn -- The Quiet Earth Cries Inside

10. Looking For Safety

11. Through a Strong Eye

12. The Ancient Day

13. Red Twilight With The Old Ones

Perhaps the most important release in Steve Roach’s body of work. DREAMTIME RETURN has proven to be a true classic recording according to countless testimonies of listeners, reviews and radio programmers worldwide. Roach’s travels in Australia, along with studies of the Aboriginal Dreamtime and his desert walkabouts in California were the catalyst for this breakthrough recording that brought the atmospheric, contemplative and ethno-influenced rhythms into a common ground. Newcomers to Steve’s music would be wise to start here for a moving look into the fabric that has become Roach’s distinct style.