About Dream In Blue


1   Upon Reflection

2   When Will My Someday Come

3   Mirage

4   As You Were

5   A Letter From Home

6   Ghosts Of Africa

7   Silent Smile (Angelo's Song)

8   Sun Fade

9   Waiting On A Dead Man's Horse

10   Sahara Sun

11   Dream In Blue

Dream In Blue is the Fall 2011 release by the celebrated artist Darshan Ambient (aka Michael Allison). As with previous Darshan Ambient releases, Allison’s melodies and harmonization are sublime, and his rhythms, while complex, evoke a sense of effortlessness that leave the listener engaged and fulfilled. At times, the album brilliantly weaves Jazz motives through ambient forms, while never abandoning the compelling, signature style of electronic music for which Darshan Ambient is known.

The album began as an homage to Miles Davis and John Coltrane, and on a few of the tracks Allison expertly explores new territory, straddling the line between ambient and jazz, while building on the powerfully appealing electronic sound heard on earlier releases, From Pale Hands To Weary Skies and A Day Within Days. As Michael says, “There is certainly a sonic bridge between ‘ambient’ and ‘jazz’ music, a logical extension between the two genres.”

The diverse selections range from the upbeat ‘Sun Fade‘ through the melancholy trumpet solo of ‘Silent Smile (Angelo’s Song)‘ to the pure ambience of ‘Waiting On A Dead Man’s Horse,‘ which could almost be at home on an ambient opus written by electronic legend Brian Eno. Through all, Michael Allison’s musical sensibilities make Dream in Blue a profoundly enjoyable experience from beginning to end.