Cromo piano & drones

CROMO [piano & drones]

Bruno Sanfilippo / Mathias Grassow

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CROMO [piano & drones], the 2010 collaboration from Bruno Sanfilippo and Mathias Grassow released via Bruno’s own ad21music label, delivers six mesmerising compositions comprised of delicate piano impressions and subtle, air-filled drones. Mathias Grassow lays down a series of gossamer drone textures reminiscent of distant fogs – hazy, grey beds of transparent tone with shifting densities that seep into the consciousness softening the atmosphere, drenching the soundscape. These electronic formations at times recede and hang in the background allowing Bruno Sanfilippo’s piano work to dominate, but in other places they well up and fill the senses becoming dense, intense, engrossing. The piano parts are achingly beautiful and melodic on some tracks – sparse, unhurried developments that seem to pour straight from the heart of the player.

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