About Clearance Box



We have a situation . . . shelves full of overstock CDs. These are wonderful discs that dream of one day fulfilling their destiny; to be unwrapped, played, and bring joy to the ears and minds of happy listeners!

That’s where you come in.  Help us clear out some space, and get hours of mind expanding musical bliss while you’re at it! $25 gets you a mystery box of 10 random CDs: a surprise collection of outstanding music . . . and if you really want to go for it, you can “double it up” and get 20 CDs for $40 (with no duplicates)!

Here are the details:

Note: If you bought one of these boxes in 2014, then you already have most of these CDs.  You will get many of the same discs if you order it again.

• 10 CDs in the box . . . 20 CDs if you “double it up.”
• This box will ship via Media Mail…and it only counts as a single item toward your order’s shipping costs!
• The boxes are pre-made from overstock CDs. We cannot put specific titles in for you. We pick the albums you receive.
• These are overstock CDs, so there is a good chance that almost everything in your box was released before 2010.
• All barcodes/tray cards are struck or hole punched.
• CDs will NOT be in jewel boxes (this saves you postage), but all artwork will be included. If you get a title that normally comes in a digipak or sleeve, those will be included.
• If you purchase two boxes separately, you will probably get the same titles twice, but if you choose to “double up” when you order, then we will guarantee 20 different CDs with no duplicates.
• No refunds or replacements unless you receive a defective title.

This is a limited offer so don’t wait!