About Across The Silver River


1. Deep Within Forbidden Mountains

2. The Morning Dew (for Barbara)

3. Fields in Evening Light

4. Tranquil Moon

5. Dawn Across the Southern Ocean

6. Forgotten Islands Rediscovered

7. Under a Sheltering Tree

8. Moonrise

9. Night Sky

10. Across the Silver River

11. Fragile Feelings

12. Ancestral Graves

13. Papanui Lagoon

Somehow this excellent collaboration released in 2002 on the Groove Unlimited Label slipped under our radar, but now we are happy to have a few in stock to offer here…

When New Zealander Rudy Adrian sent some of his new music to Ron Boots in the Netherlands, Boots was so taken by the tranquillity and the power of the music that he was inspired to add parts of his own to the tracks. ‘Across the Silver River ‘ is the result of that creative conjunction.

Ambient tones and drifting sonic airs unfurl and hover in the crisp sky, lovingly nudged by elegant piano passages. Occasional and tasteful percussion enhance the ambience perfectly, and the thirteen tracks cover a range of sounds and moods that come together to create a wonderful listening experience filled with depth and serenity.