About A Whisper In The Thunder


1. Ahab

2. El Prado

3. 77 Times

4. Jungle (pt.1)

5. Jungle (pt.2)

6. The Frozen Ocean

7. Victor's Chase

8. A Tiny Whispering Sound

9. Waking The Day

The debut release on the O3E label is also the long awaited solo debut from Chapman Stick player Tom Griesgraber (pronounced ‘GRICE-gray-burr ‘) featuring many of his live shows’ best known compositions. Seamless from dark to light, dense to sparse, ‘A Whisper In The Thunder ‘ is textural and rhythmic masterpiece that finds sanctuary with the Instrumental Rock and Eclectic Fusion listener. A Chapman Stick specialist, Griesgraber – supported by legendary drummers Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Indigo Girls) and Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, Mr Mister), as well as The California Guitar Trio – wields his 12-string guitar/bass/synth hybrid with poetic mastery, producing outstanding performances of inspired compositions. A Whisper in the Thunder is a search for the simple and meaningful amid the pressures and distractions of modern life.

“Tom is a master Stick player. His technique and musicality stand as an inspiration to the rest of us who play the instrument, and we’re always eager to see what he’ll do next.”
– Tony Levin, (bass/stick player for Peter Gabriel, King Crimson)