About A Warning from the Elders


1. Facing The Truth

2. A Warning From The Elders

3. Heart Warriors

4. Fire Passage

5. Earth Om – Sacred Resonance

In this latest solo project, Byron Metcalf expands his sonic explorations of the shamanic path of soul-based and heart-centered living that is the foundation of his work. A Warning From The Elders invites the listener to whole-heartedly embrace the urgency facing the planet, and it is the first project where Byron has used his overtone singing to create harmonic drones and soundscapes. With this potent emphasis on the raw, organic sounds of wood, skin, metal, clay, stone, and the human voice, Byron’s masterful production results in a delicious blend of fierce percussion, heart-opening textural voices and overtone singing – a bold sonic expression of power, purpose, presence and compassion for the Earth – the Mother of us all.